Saturday, July 24, 2004

Inevitable Surprises

My bedtime reading right now is Inevitable Surprises by Peter Schwartz. While ripping through it at the bookstore, I caught his demographic conclusions about millions of spouse-deprived Chinese men who will soon be randying about the Asian sphere -- in search of wives (and work). That's just one inevitable future consquence of government policies - the Chinese government's infamous one-family-one-child law. So, on that fun gem, I plunked down my $16 to bring this book home.

Lucikly, I won't be one of these men -- I'm happily married.

Another surprise is Schwartz's assertion that the population bomb is done -- the growth curves are flattening out. Quite a surprise to me. I wonder what he'll say about Moore's Laws curves (inevitably?) flattening out.

So far, Inevitable Suprises has been a good quick read that correlates with my other recent readings (Tom Peters Imagine! and Ray Kurzweil The Age of Spritual Machines). That's a pretty futurist-heavy input lately.


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